To mix two unrelated things into something wierd, unexpected or exciting. Could be bad...could be good. You will know when it has happened.
Muffin Eater 1: "These chocolate muffins have been too close to the blueberry muffins. They taste like blueberrys"
Muffin Eater 2: "Your so right! There has totally been some cross-mojonation going on."
by David Butler January 31, 2006
A hairy mojon; an annoying person or a person who ruins everything.
Homer: "Hey ,Lenny, you wanna go skydiving?"

Lenny: "Ehh."
by Julian Alvarez December 24, 2003
This is the term (also used in spanish) that depicts someone always in a hurry. They are similar to someone who has to run out of the bathroom in the middle of taking a dump because they have no time to finish. Someone always in a hurry.
Jennifer: Ugh! Look at Sally, she's always in a hurry!
Jake: I know! She always has a hanging turd (mojon gindando)!

In spanish-
Jennifer: Mira! Sally siempre esta apurada!
Jake: Ay yo se! Siempre tiene un mojon gindando!
by Rckyllns June 24, 2009
the re-capturing of one's innate mojo
I'm going back to Miami to re-mojonate myself. I will be attempting re-mojonation in that great and fun city, where my mojo was high and rocking... to recapture who I REALLY am.
by Mom2Otters January 31, 2011