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A combination of "model" and "dull" indicating an attractive person with no personality.
"I really hope I find a life-partner for a loving committed relationship soon. I sometimes wonder if I'll ever find anyone I can truly connect with. Do you ever have these feelings Charlotte?"
"No, I just want to bag a modull, talking hurts my mouth.."
by PappyD May 18, 2007
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A woman who is stunningly attractive but has a tiny bust.
Opposite of "Jugly".
"Hey so really what do you think of my new girlfriend?"
"Dude, she's totally flatacular!"
"Hey! What the hell's that supposed to mean?!"
"Err.. She's totally hot but has tiny ...err ... tits."
"Hey! What the hell!"
by PappyD May 18, 2007
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