the act of prefroming 69 with another partner who does the second "6" in the butt. here is the order is the of the numbers in gender, 6=male 6=female 9=male
hey i just 669 that milf with her bf
by w6i6l9l February 4, 2009
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A sexual position involving three adults.

The position can be obtained by three males, one male and two females, or two males and one female.

The first "6" must always be a male. He will insert his penis into the ass of the person in front of him, or the second "6". The second "6" will be performing a "69" with the last sexual partner.
Girl: Tim invited his friend Tommy over last Friday, and we 669'd all night long.
by wolffieworldorder May 25, 2012
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When two people 69 while a third does one of them up the ass.
I was spooning with Raven when Jessie came in and we did position 669.
by ApricotFields September 28, 2018
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