when you have a 3.5 inch, 1.44 mb pre-formatted, double sided, high density wang with 135 tracks per inch. if you experience problems, call technical support. please, treat your floppy disk with respect. it's a very technical piece of equipment.
after a nice hard drive, i showed her my floppy disk.
by Estafon September 17, 2005
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Of or referring to a man's penis in a way that will not offend those who don't understand.
Girl 1 - "I hear Dan's got a huge floppy disk."
Girl 2 - "Really? I wanna see it."
Girl 1's Mom - "You kids still use floppy disks? That's so wonderful."
by yuskjr May 22, 2009
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Useful to store small files such as essays and .txt-based game-guides.
Why the hell does the iMac have no floppy disc drive? Why do I have to save my thumbnail image of a skull into a rewritable CD?
by Bastardized Bottomburp July 31, 2003
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a disk with such little capacity that it one of the wonders of the world why it hasn't come out of use yet
by PlayDohMan July 3, 2004
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A very simple portable storage device. It's probably among the best choices for use on sneakernet because it's easy to write to and requires no special software. It's far faster to write to a floppy than to burn a CD, and it's kind of a waste to put a few documents on a CD. Plus you can edit files on a floppy without having to re-burn. They are slowly being replaced by USB drives, but they have at least a few years ahead before they are officially obsolete. Floppies are far more durable than most of those Linux geeks say they are, as long as you don't dip them in bleach or something. You can drag your keys all across the outside of a floppy and it'll still work fine. Try THAT with a CD. They hold 1.44 megabytes with standard formatting and are about 3.5 inches square.
Me: I need a box of floppies.
Linux geek: What are those?
Me: FLOPPIES! You know? The little squarish plastic things!?
Linux geek: Umm...
Me: Damnit! Am I the only one that still uses these things?
Linux geek: I bet you use Windows. Linux is better.
Me: Oh, kiss my ass.
by Utz89 June 24, 2005
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A 3.5" disk used to store 1.44MB, a ridiculous amount of space but it is now coming out of fashion.
"Dude, I feel chlostrophobic when I use a floppy disk."
by Soiled Undergarment August 17, 2003
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Still a popular (yet obsolete) storage medium, despite the predictions that people would stop using them by 1999.
The geeks and corporate fatasses who predict the floppy disk's demise fail to take into account that not many people have the cash to shell out for a USB drive or Zip drive or a CD-rewritable drive just yet.
by AYB July 30, 2003
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