to kick it to the fullest. gettin' drunk, high etc. partying like there's no tomorrow.
Andre: Ayo, is you goin to the party tonight?
Sean: You already know. I'm going hard, yo.
Andre: Yeah i feel you - i'm goin hard too. Kickin it like there's no tomorrow.
by anjee minaj December 30, 2009
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going hard is not a tangible thing. it's not monkey see monkey do. one cannot simply's a state of mind.
Matt was going so fucking hard on the Jose last night! He ended up getting a hj from the Jew!

Josh squats so fucking hard man!

We're going hard on stiff nights tonight!
by ham hands aka the wounded deer October 26, 2009
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Going out and givin 'er. hittin the hobbs. getting wrecked, smashed, loaded, sloshed, or shit faced.

Unlike Bryan, who is soft.
Greasy Palmer always goes hard when he gets into tha Bacardi.
by palmer is a grease ball January 1, 2004
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getting an EXTRA SHOT OF CAFFEINE in your mocha latte.
Kevin-"hey logan mocha lattes are for pussies"
Logan- "hey kevin i got an EXTRA SHOT OF CAFFEINE"
Kevin- "holy shit logan, you're going hard"
Logan- "lick my nuts, pledge"
by pledge1 November 8, 2011
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in cleveland
doing something to it's fullest; doing something well;
"I go hard in da paint", "Them hoes cant fight, dont none of them go hard", "Go hard or Go Home"
by Dai G.A.B March 23, 2007
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Doing something with 100% effort, but requires some unteachable skill.
Something a beast of a man does all day everyday.
He doesn't give a damn about the consequences, does life like a Jeff Zhao up life's Punhani.
Suraj: "I go hard at everything"
by PedroTheConqueror October 16, 2011
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when someone reaches their full potential, at doing whatever they're doing
I'm trying get body ripped by the summer, that means I have to go hard in the gym these next few months
by gamefein December 29, 2011
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