something that normal computers require, but is absent on school computers
"How much RAM is on this school computer" "none"
*slaps roof of school computer* "this babys got 0.0000000000001 Gb of RAM under the hood"
by Exodus001 March 6, 2020
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1) Random Access Memory
2) verb often used to refer to anal sex, or to start sex with one deep push
3) horny animal
4) the action of being hit by that animal with its head
5) a big dodge
The RAM of my notebook got broken after the freaking ram rammed me in the country. I was so mad that I rammed susie's ass till she cried as a revenge that night...
by OmarC June 8, 2005
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RAM or Random-acces memory is a computer or console's physical memory, mostly calculated in GB or Gigabytes. It stores the memory or information storage in a computer that is used to store running programs and data for the programs. If you have less RAM, your pc or console has less performance. RAM-cards can also be combined for an even better performance, for example 2 4GB cards or even 2 8GB cards.
"You only have 2GB RAM!? You can't even run Windows 7 with that amount of RAM!"
"I just bought a new 16GB RAM card, my pc is so much faster now!
by GamesAndStuff September 4, 2016
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This term has a long and hairy past. It's an abbreviation for the term "Run Away Muff". Many of us have had the unfortunate encounter with one of these wildnerness beast while doing a bit of muff diving. There is a thin line between a full on bush and a R.A.M. A RAM tends to extend into the party trail (simulating a continuous path of no return), whereas a bush is simply unkept and in need of some trimming.

Mild RAMs can be dealt with using a razor and some free time. A severe case can call for a hedge trimmer and an entire afternoon. Please use discretion when encountering a moderate to severe specemin.
Her RAM was so bad, it looked like there was a black guy from the seventies stuck in her happy place.
by theangrypirate February 25, 2005
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A pale, feeble person that has no hope of accomplishing any dream because his father takes away any opportunity to spoil the family dog.
Richard isn't going to college because his father spent his college fund on a European backpacking trip with Fluffy. The admissions office of Harvard offered Richard a full ride if he could get the Dean a bowl of cereal, but the eight layers of Mini Wheats proved to be too much of a challenge. Poor guy is such a RAM.
by Bonnie McGuire March 30, 2009
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