A modem game requires a PC with either an internal modem or external modem connected to it. Back in the 1990s before DSL, Cable, FibreOp was everywhere, this was how you played PC games via multiplayer.

You'd host a connection on your phone line (using the PCs modem) and another friend a few streets away from you would dial your number within the options of whatever game you were playing (such as Warcraft 2, Heretic, Duke Nukem 3d, Doom, Hexen... etc) and connect to you. Of course, they'd also need a modem to do this.

It was extremely popular for its time, though often times with games such as "Duke Nukem 3D" the dreaded, "out of sync" would cause massive frustration.
"Dude, me and Garrett were just playing a modem game of Duke 3d and i kicked his ass!"
by Steve (S.G.B.) December 21, 2016
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The act of one copulating with one's computer modem. Usually performed by inserting the scrotum into the modem. See also: cyber sex.
I love getting off of modem sex.
by wang March 19, 2003
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A chronic lagger; especially in an online game such as Warcraft III. Usually having to do with the likelihood that the lagger is using a dial-up connection (56k or less) and may also be downloading music or something while playing the game, thereby taxing the connection beyond all reasonableness. Hence: modem PULLER.

Coined by scron on battle.net
That guy is such a modem-puller, he lags the game so much.
by Koby_Fish July 02, 2004
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An internet connection that is very laggy or even non-responsive. The phrase is usually used in Real-Time Strategy or MMORPG games online. The phrase was first used in a 2v2 match of Stracraft when the game was close to lagging out or disconnecting on a host game. When the game dragged, the host saved the match and titled it "WHO HAS THE FISHER-PRICE MODEM!?!". After that, hilarity ensued and the culprit with the slow internet connection was revealed because Starcraft drops laggy users when a game is saved.
Dude, don't ever 1v1 that guy, his fisher-price modem will drag the game on for hours!
by Racereaver December 10, 2010
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1. One whose only sexual conquest to date is a computer modem.
2. One who uses a modem as an aid to masterbation or wanking.
1. Look at that computer goon, i bet he is a modem-puller.
2. Oh damn, my modem didnt survive me pleasuring myself while watching Captain Janeway. Must give up modem-pulling.
by PistolPete September 24, 2004
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When an online gamer complains about his or her connection to the game due to bandwidth, puting a quarter in your modem like a parking meter as a joke to improve said connection.
Ah man this lag sucks, "STFU Noob go put a quarter in your modem"
by Chuck Finely December 09, 2013
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