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by moo October 19, 2003
Sumtin ReallyReallyReallyReallyReallyReallyReallyReallyReallyReallyReallyReallyReallyReallyReallyReallyReallyReallyReallyReallyReallyReallyReallyReallyReallyReallyReallyReallyReallyReallyReallyReallyReallyReallyReallyReallyReallyReallyReallyReallyReallyReallyReallyReallyReallyReally Gay thing u have to study in science
Stop celling it up dawg
by moo November 3, 2003
slush and ice that hurts when it is made into a snowball and thrown at you. it is NOT soft powder or white. it is usually mixed with mud and dirt and has a dir ty quality about it. or it is ice and not snow at all. the latter is usually the case.
this snow in georgia is retarded.
by moo January 30, 2005
abbreviation for "Are You There"
AOLUser373817: AYT?
AIMUser12983: yeah, sup?
by moo August 30, 2004
"man! you did a hershy squirt!"
by moo December 14, 2003
A Persian word meaning fart in English.
Was that a gooz? Shame on you!
by moo November 26, 2004