An MMO is a "money making opportunity"
Bro, this girl just called me today and said we could break the bank if we close this deal cause her client is loaded. Do I smell a MMO?
by Mickey Mac August 11, 2011
Abbreviation for Males Masturbating Online. MMO is an organization of homosexual males that meet online to masturbate together.
Homo 1: "Dude don't forget about the MMO meeting on Skype today."
Homo 2: "Don't worry I won't forget."
Homo 1: "It'll be the gayest meeting yet."
by Philsteve June 22, 2014
It’s a gang in new York which stands for money moves only
Big mmo

MMO k U jacking mmo
by Bat to boy May 9, 2019
A great,and one of the fastest growing youtubers.his name comes from his early day when he played popular mmos.but then people started requesting minecraft,and kept requesting it.during his fastest growing period he went from 750 K to 2 million subs, I think in two married to his wife(duh) Jen, who he often plays with.the actual channel is popularMMOS
Yo, did you see popular mmos ' latest vid?
by PlatinumBeast August 15, 2016
A person who is constantly jumping ship to one mmo product to the latest mmo product simply because it's new. They usually never play anything that's been out longer then a year.
Guy 1: "Hey dude, you play any mmos?"
Guy 2: "Yeah, I do"
Guy 1: "What's you play?"
Guy 2: "the most recently released ones, since I'm a mmo junkie and all"
Guy 1: "so you don't play old mmos?"
Guy 2: "nah their graphics and combat are too dated for my taste"

Guy 1: "what's old to you?"

Guy 2: "anything that's been released for about a year"
by grass_head July 19, 2020
The girl you commonly hang out with while in-game of your favorite massively multi-player online role-playing game. Her irl boyfriend plays an MMORPG, but she doesn't like the one he plays, so she happens to play the one you like. This results in you and your MMO Girlfriend spending more time with each other than with your irl relationships. You are either single irl, or your irl girlfriend/wife does not play MMOG's, in which case you will soon be single irl. You are not allowed by your MMO Girlfriend to complete quests or advance level without her, so you will likely create at least one other alternate toon to play while she is offline.
To your friends in Vent, this relationship is especially comical if you chose to make your in-game character a female, and your MMO Girlfriend chose to make her toon a male. This is actually a very common occurrence, due to the male player's desire to create an attractive toon to stare at, and the female player's desire to remain largely unidentifiable as a female irl.
by Mixel Cores March 3, 2011
MMO Turd is a definition used for an upset forum poster on a MMO forum site. Their characteristics consist of general hate towards modern video games, anger over updates that the majority of player base was asking for and many nonsensical conclusions. They are usually disappointed in what they have become but instead of turning that around, they turn against the game that brings them happiness as they do not believe themselves to be deserving of the good vibes. Therefore, while waiting on que for the next dungeon or battleground, they take it to the forums where they must ruin anything enjoyable for everyone around them, feeding on any attention given to them while digging their hole of self pity even deeper. Also, they have always stopped playing the game in question. Of course they have, why else would they be posting on the game forums.
I haven't seen him in years. His friends say the internet got him and he is now a MMO Turd.

Don't look at them, Ricky. I don't want you to be influenced by MMO Turds...
- It's too late, mother. You guys are paying for an incredibly bad product and for some reason okay with being treated like crap. i don't tolerate that and thus stopped paying.

Why don't you try and enjoy something for a change instead of being a MMO Turd.
by Animafreak April 13, 2021