smokey mmo nyle is an infinitely complex phrase to explain. It is derived, of course, from the slang term for an anger-ridden homosexual, nyle.

The "smokey mmo" part of the phrase is more abstract though. In a computer game known as "Battlefield 1942: Secret Weapons of WW2", a map called "Mimo Yecques" exists. "Mimo" was accidentally read as "Mmo" and thus mmo came to be. An airplane in this same map came to be called the "Smokey Mmo Yecques."

Soon, the similarities between the bee-shaped airplane and the actual Nyle became apparent. "Smokey Mmo Nyle" came into existance.

Variations include "Smokey MMmmmmo," "Smokey Mmo Mmo Mmo," and the inevitable "Smokey Oh No Nyle"
"Smokey Mmo Nyle!"

"... <growl>... shut up, Kyle... <ugh>"
by Lonely Man January 18, 2005
One who changes MMOs (Massive Multilayer Online) as often as he changes his or her socks.
"Did you hear about Murdok? He just bought World of Warcraft last week but this week he bought Lord of the Rings online. I think he said he was going to play Runescape next month. He is such an MMO whore for switching so much."
by Litch July 23, 2007
Something that eternal virgins say increasingly on World of Warcraft. Seriously, some people act like WoW is crack.
Fat Geek: Hey man I need $15 Dollars to keep playing WoW this month?

Me: Isn't it free?

Fat Geek: No. Just please give me cash?

Me: No, I'm taking my date to the movies.

Fat Geek: C'mon man, MMOs Before Hoes?
by NotMe11443611242639 February 3, 2013
Man I had the best dream of mmo man you know
by Garydapizzaman June 15, 2019
Multiple male orgasms. The act of becoming a literal sex god with such strong taint muscles that you are able to hold back ejaculation while remaining at the PONR, thus achieving multiple dry orgasms.
After doing some kegels I went from PE to MMO.
by PrematureEjaculator October 5, 2020