1) Someone feeling that they need currency or a certain item on an MMO so bad that they take desperate measures to get what it is they want
2) Someone taking deperate measures to get a girlfriend/boyfriend on an online game
I saw this girl on WoW chat spamming she'd send pictures of herself naked to all guys on that server. That's a sign of MMO Desperation.
by ExplosivePants December 24, 2010
A hunch of the upper back that results from years of intense, prolonged Massively Multiplayer Online gaming sessions.
Man, Jamie just ended his 8 year relationship with World of Warcraft and all he's left with is his MMO Hunch.
by Gmullz October 13, 2013
One who changes MMOs (Massive Multilayer Online) very frequently and can not stay with one for more then 2-3 weeks
"Did you hear about Murdok? He just bought World of Warcraft last week but this week he bought Lord of the Rings online. I think he said he was going to play Runescape next month. He is such an MMO whore for switching so much."
by Litch August 11, 2007
(noun) The place people go when they spend every waking moment playing an MMORPG.
Dave has been in an MMO Hole ever since the latest expansion released.

Jane threw herself into an MMO Hole after the break up. I guess she couldn't stand being herself anymore.
by Dr. Cheatsonwife October 1, 2020
A person who plays many mmos and never reaches the final level on any of the games they play. They always switch to another mmo before getting far in the last one they were playing.
MMO Dropout .....
by deathspard4 July 27, 2011
(verb, adj.) When an unpopular website crashes after a massive influx of people responding to a post on MMO-Champion.com.
"That website got MMO-Champ'd!"
by ThereWeGo May 23, 2010
A phrase to remind long time close friends that friends come before MMO's (Massively multiplayer online games). The phrase is commonly used amongst gamers who have friends who may choose to play an MMO game rather than hang with their friends.
Friend 1 - Sunday is MW2 day this week?
Friend 2 - Yeah should be
Friend 3 - Sounds good to me
Friend 4 - If evening, then yeah
Friend 1 - It'll be around 4 or 5
Friend 4 - You said 6:30! I got 5v5 at 3:30
Friend 2 - Bros before MMOs dude
Friend 1 - No you said 6:30 later, check the time between updates, 6:30 now
Friend 4 - Checking Xfire times, 45 minutes ago you said Hoe1 was around at 4/5. It wasn't until 15 minutes later when that changed. So the time you posted must have been wrong
Friend 1 - Yamyamyamyamyamyamyamyamyam
Friend 4 - I say, Dr Watson
Friend 2 - Bro's before Hoe's
And now a newer version!
<this webpage link>
by Friend 2 of this example September 5, 2010