You’ll be lucky if you have a MJ in your life! One of the most sweet, loving, caring, and nicest person you had ever met. He has a heart for anyone who is important to him and ultimately shows nothing but love! Not only he is a sweet loving person, but an extreme athlete when it comes to sports. When it comes down for sports for MJ, you know damn well that Mj will not back down on a fight… so if you ever have a MJ in your life, know that he got your back till the end
by UceyJuicey November 21, 2021
p1: Oh hey look its mj!

p2: not that grape cunt again.
by Lemon20k August 19, 2021
This word, as agreed on by a large number of people, stands for mango juice.
I had MJ for breakfast with my bacon and eggs. It was soooo good.
by 9Alien February 11, 2013
maternity juggs: 1.Large breast women have during pregnancy.
2.A woman who has large jiggly breast.
Wow! Checkout that woman over there she has some huge MJ's.
by just_had_to October 26, 2007
"like a G to the beat blue and white MJ's on my feet"
lean like a cholo - down aka kilo

by AroD 04 July 10, 2007
the best radio personality known to man
MJ Kelly host of the MJ morning show on 93.3 FLZ
by Megan December 1, 2003
a girl gives you head then kisses you without your knowledge
by djl789 July 21, 2010