The MJ's stands for the Magic Johnson's - which is a comical way of saying that a person has HIV
Brad: "Suzy, you don't look too great"

Suzy: "I don't feel good at all, I've been having hot and cold flashes, and my body aches, what do you think it can be?"

Brad: "I don't know, sounds like you've got a case of the MJ's "
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A mix between Arnold Palmer's Iced Tea/Lemonade and beer.
Pass me that so i can create an MJ. Man I just had 3 MJ's
by Mr. Bindi January 9, 2011
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the most fearless animal in all the animal kingdom, and the most awesome.
See that honey bagder digging?
Its so Mj
by Ironlung84 January 17, 2012
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A person who is peng and is good at sports
Mj’s better than me at rugby
by Fader paul May 4, 2019
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A cool swaggy person who is probably pretty gay, also not micheal jackson
mj is cool
by definitely not mj May 19, 2021
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Marijuana...and that gay fuck on the Real World-Philadelphia. But..mostly a shorter name for marijuana then pot.
"Is there anywhere I could score some MJ?"
by Ashley December 24, 2004
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Mary Jane. Also known as Spiderman's girlfriend/wife.
Hey check out those hooters!
Shh, dickhead! She's MJ, Spidey's ho.
by KidProQuo July 23, 2004
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