mj’s are the sweetest people you’ll ever meet, they’re kind, sweet, caring and they’ll always be there for you when you need them. it’s impossible to not love an mj, they have an infectious personality but a good one, you just want to constantly be around them, they’re a beam of light in your life always being there for you ready to support you through everything while making you laugh the whole time. mj’s are like home, you come home to them after a long day and no matter how sad you are they’re right there for you and you instantly feel happy again, and even if you are sad around them you’ll always have some happiness in you from just being around them, they’re like the crinkling of autumn leaves, the smell of christmas trees, the exciting feeling before you go to sleep on christmas eve, the day of your summer break, the feeling of laughing so much your ribs hurt. they’re just perfect. they always look perfect, they have beautiful eyes that you could just get lost in, like a sea of thoughts and waves of emotion.
have you seen mj?
oh my god yes they’re perfect!
by TylerSwag October 12, 2020
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MJ is such a awesome performer.
MJ is Innocent and childlike.
by AsLonelyAsAngelMichael. August 23, 2006
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mj is one in a million, im so lucky i found them. once you find a wild mj, never let them go because that mj will be important to you for the rest of your life. they may bit a little bit quirky sometimes, but every other time they are sweet and always care for you. mj will be there for you from day one and makes a good friend and even more if you want them to be. thank you so much for being in my life mj.

mj's main traits are; caring, protective, funny, unstable, beautiful, and handsome.
(also this is referring to the name itself, not michael jackson) :D this is my proposal to mj
Anon: who's that? they seem really hot and funny and nice

Anon: that's my s/o mj!
by totallynoturmum October 29, 2021
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Mj is one of the best ballers of all time.
by Hong November 17, 2003
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fat 300 man who does nothing but play mw2 tricky myers all day and buys hoes
hey mj stop buying these ugly ass bitches nigga
by derasu January 21, 2022
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