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Slang for Marijuana. From the word Mary-Jane.

Popular term from the mid 1960's Mary-Jane was created from the literal English translation Mari = Mary and Juana = Jane.
-"Hey, how's the MJ?"
*"Its dank, try some."
-"Awesome stuff, I feel it already."
*"MJ's the shit!"
by MJ is Mary-Jane December 04, 2011
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MJ is usually depressed 24/7 whether if it’s problems or arguments. He is mostly alone in his dreams. He is a lone walker. He dies in his dream all the time and can not escape the difficulties he has done in the past. MJ listens to sad music to keep him up all night. He only cares about people who actually love him back. He has a mind of his own.
“I feel like MJ now
by xxmystical_wolfxx October 20, 2018
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