25 definitions by abc

Wei Guang Wang to Lucifer.
Lucifer: Eunich Wedgie come now!
Wedgie: Yes master.
by abc August 9, 2004
I saw the DAC down the street! They were hot!
by abc March 9, 2005
It stands for Down Azz Chickz
I saw the DAC Squad and they look gansgta!
by abc March 9, 2005
If a nigga try to jack, I got my tool on me

Keep ya hand on ya grip, dont threaten me with ya tool like you a mechanic with clips - Chamillionaire
by abc August 29, 2005
term used for someone who does things at the request/command of another person. almost like a slave.
Get it it yourself! I'm not your dojo!
by abc April 13, 2005
a hat...usually worn by US army special forces
Stop calling me a green beret...I'm not a hat.
by abc March 20, 2005