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you're all wrong...90% of ridgewood is snobby and that's what makes it AMAZING. it's like growing up in a bubble, and most people don't leave the area, that's why sooo many kids have parents that went to ridgewood too. it has the best education and sports out of any public schools anywhere. everyone has awesome clothes and frowns upon freaky punks and whatnot. like 80% of the population is irish-italian, with the exception of a few JAPS and asians who all live in the apartments and rip off our parents' tax money. best town to grow up in. ever. ever. the guys are all ridiculously hot and the girls are all classy gorgeous. the only thing wrong with the town is the annoying moms that walk around with vera bradley bags and gossip inside the lilly pulitzer like nobody's business. everyone here plays lacrosse (there is an official lax day)and shops at ralph lauren. great place. lots of pot.
kid from glen rock: man i wish i grew up in ridgewood, that place is like heaven
by abc March 25, 2005
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Left his soldiers to fight the war that he started, while fleeing the country with millions of dollars.
Lieutenant Dicamillo was captured last night.
by abc March 21, 2004
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a hat...usually worn by US army special forces
Stop calling me a green beret...I'm not a hat.
by abc March 19, 2005
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Contraction for "Go Horizontal" ... the ultimate Ultimate Frisbee move where a player propels himself horizontally, parallel to the playing surface, in an attempt to catch a disc thrown to him. Similar to a move in baseball where an infielder leaps and stretches to snag a sharply hit ball just barely within his reach.
"Dude, I had to completely 'go ho' to get that one."
by abc July 16, 2004
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term used for someone who does things at the request/command of another person. almost like a slave.
Get it it yourself! I'm not your dojo!
by abc April 12, 2005
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When something happens when somone is not expecting it...

... Also a kickass punk band www.caughtoffguard.co.uk
"I just got punched in the face... I was Caught off Guard!"

"Caught off Guard rock!"
by abc April 22, 2004
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a slang and sort of racist way to say chinese people
"dawg, those chinks have small eyes"
"fizzle doh!"
by abc November 16, 2004
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