7 definitions by derasu

fat 300 man who does nothing but play mw2 tricky myers all day and buys hoes
hey mj stop buying these ugly ass bitches nigga
by derasu January 21, 2022
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tricky nerd that likes cock in his mouth and likes to go to naked beaches
damn baken has a fat cock
by derasu November 3, 2021
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fat slob that does nothing but eat ass
yo v7 is eating that trannys ass
by derasu November 3, 2021
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guy that gets grounded for smoking carts and gets butt raped by his dad
by derasu November 3, 2021
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sped nigga that stutters everytime he talks and is shit at sniping om cod4
Fuck sorrwo is a fucking sped
by derasu October 15, 2020
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boring shit that niggas play because they get no bitches at all because they sit inside and play all day (mj)
nigga get the fuck off tricky myers and get some bitches
by derasu February 18, 2022
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