A superfacial, unnecessary, or overly bad sequel to a classic film. Usually the second film in the series though not always. Adding the phrase to a movies title is similar to adding the "electric boogaloo." Derived from the intentionally superfacial sequel, "Hot Shots! Part Deux." Examples include: "The Exorcist II," "Caddyshack 2," "Batman and Robin," "The Godfather Part III," etc.
Person 1: "Hey man, did you see "Step Up 2 The Streets?" last night?"

Person 2: "What? You mean "Step Up, Part Deux?"
by Bonehead XL March 6, 2008
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You had a huge poop earlier in the day and you are certain that you wont drop a deuce for a few days. Bam, two hours later you have a poop to rival the hugeness earlier.
Where has John been?

He's been busy in the crapper with The poo, part deux
by Jank2.0 May 13, 2013
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A beercan in the ass while getting a blowjob.
Man my butt hurts from that beerjob part deux I got last night.
by Jon LAFZ!!!!111!!!ONE!!! September 11, 2006
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The continuing saga of helpless blacks being rescued by big-hearted American and/or European Whites. First New Orleans. This time in Haiti. Where next?
First New Orleans. Now Haiti. "Hey guys. Look at those white dopes over there collecting donations for Haiti. Anybody want to donate to Katrina! Part Deux? Hahaha, no, I didn't think so. I know, We'll match what the Revs Al and Jesse donate. That will still equal zero. Hahahaha!" Stay tuned for Katrina! Part Trois.
by RaceGard January 20, 2010
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The act of conuming too much alcohol and trading oral favors with a strange woman who is 15 years your senior.
Dude!! DO NOT be a drunken Brad!!
it is in poor "taste" to tongue a stranger's birth canal after consuming 15 jello shots!!!
by debra March 26, 2005
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