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To go on a mini-expedition. This might involve negotiating treacherous terrain, having strange adventures and meeting random people. It will definitely involve having an amazing time...
I had the most amazing day missioning
Let's go missioning again really soon
by SE Shell September 17, 2009
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Using the public transit to go someone's house/to an event
"Hey are you guys going to Franny's?"
"Yeee, bro. We're missioning it there."
by Gina Un-Failure June 22, 2009
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To be totally focused on one goal whilst under the infuence of narcotics, to the possible detriment of personal health, social standing and other shit.
"Nah, leave him be, he's missioning for some Rizla and won't be back for ages."
by Drakien March 06, 2003
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mission ing
To go on a mission like running an errand...

Thiefing something, car stereos, headlights, rims, computers, etc... --

look for things to steal in the middle of night...radios, hubcaps, headlights, garbage cans, etc...

Mission: Impossible...
to go out on a scavenger hunt...

Mission ing...
I went Mission ing last night for a hubcap...It was a successful mission...
by blthrskt October 16, 2009
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To be under the influence of some sort of stimulant (Ecstasy & MDMA are the main mission drugs i find) and go on a long walk round the streets or wherever you are probably talking shit with aload of mates along the way of this crazy little drug fuelled adventure you're having.
hey, where is eveyone?
They'll all twisted so decided to go missioning round town
by WildKatz July 07, 2011
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1. To make it your mission to complete your work right before it is due.

When you are overwhelmed and procrastinate so that you only have an hour to do your project before it is due.
When you're lazy and have to mission so that you don't fail.

2. To cram study before an exam because you were too lazy to study beforehand
I have a science project due in 2 hours... crap! Missioning time!

Shoot I forgot to study! Missioning will be the only way I pass this darn test! :O
by Attiria October 20, 2011
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