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blow job given by a chick that has lipstick on, leaving a ring of color around a dudes dick
when kim got all whored up that night she gave paul the prettiest rainbow dick he ever had.
taste the rainbow baby!
by Gigi July 26, 2004
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Albany,GA. A southwest Georgia town. Referred to in the Field Mob song Georgia.
I was born in the 'bany at the bottom of the map.
by Gigi May 20, 2006
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A black homosexual.

1. Because quiche is the gay cultural dish.
2. Takes the piss out of black made up names like LaTisha, Shanique and Beyonce.
Oh LaQuichea yo' such a bitch muthafucka!
by Gigi July 13, 2004
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Origin: Medway area of England.

When a person is trying to give up smoking but cannot help but give into their/or have cravings for nicotine it is said that they have the nicotine monkey sitting on their back.
"What's the matter? You look like you need a fag"
"Yeah, the nicotine monkey's on me back today!"
by Gigi July 13, 2004
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Jim's fagatronics made him a very annoying person to hang out with
by Gigi January 16, 2005
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1) Unnecessarily or tediously flitting from one blog to the next in order to leave comments that are repetitive in nature.

2) Leaving quick comments on a large number of blogs for the purpose of raising awareness of the blog-hopper's own blog.

3) Quickly perusing several different blogs that are currently dealing with a similar subject.

First used (by Gigi at least) on: qcubed dot blogspot dotcom slash "/" 2004/10/too-lazy-to-go-blog-hopping-to-do-this dot html
"I'm too lazy to go blog-hopping just in order to wish everyone a Happy New Year!"

"Time to do a little blog-hoppin' in order to get people to discover my blog!"

"I wish I didn't have to go blog-hopping in order to see what everyone else is saying about this subject."
by Gigi December 13, 2004
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