The acronym standing for "my internet shut off!". Used in an intense instant-messaging conversation that ended abruptly.

Pronounced mee-soh, as in the traditional Japanese soup served with tofu.
beBeHdoLL2: baby i miss you! i havent seen you in 4 hours!!
"LiLBbaLLa4LyPhe" signed off at 10:39:02 PM.
"LilBbaLLa4LyPhe" signed on at 10:39:10 PM
beBeHdoLL2: ...
LilBbaLLa4LyPhe: i'm soo sorry babe! miso!
by butterflygangster April 05, 2008
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an acronym for "my internet shut off," used in conversations via internet when facebook chat is faulty and your messages don't go through, or when your instant messenger quits abruptly
Spencer:guess what!
Rachel: what?
Spencer is offline.
Spencer is online.
Rachel: wtf
Spencer: shit, sorry. miso!
by <3insf December 20, 2009
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Very hard to define. Defies human standards therefore is not easy to categorize or describe. An extremely ambitious and talented man. He’s your favourite song when it plays. He makes you smile to be alive. To know him is to love him. If you’re lucky enough to know him you are blessed and you thank God endlessly. He will steal your heart but you will gladly give it away to this person. He’s tall, athletic, model material. Smart and creative he makes things happen by winging it. He’s when cute and gorgeous combine. His cocky smirk will irritate you but you’ve never seen anything so wonderful. His eyes will look right through you. He’s the guy they would cast as the heart throb in a teen movie. But above all he walks with integrity. He will inspire you with his morals and respect. He really makes you believe you can have it all because if you have him then you already do...Bonus: he’s actually the fourth Migos.
Wow is that Mišo? Mišo makes my heart skip a beat! Mišo makes the world a better place.
by Inlovewithecoco June 20, 2018
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MISO fora whole 2 hours! #firstworldproblems
— Angel (@angelspeakshermind) May 14, 2012
by l33tsp33kr May 14, 2012
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slang for someone who is always miserable

the lady who works at starbucks is so miso all the time.

hey miso, do you ever smile?
by kjm615 March 17, 2009
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Some kind of soup I've never had before. Sean Connery's favorite type of food.
Alex Trebek: Any food item, it really doesn't matter. Just a food. Let's see what you put.
Sean Connery wrote, "What is miso". Very good! The first correctly answered question of the day, miso is a kind of soup. And he wagered.. horny. Miso. Horny.
by John Smith October 17, 2004
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