A minger is the description of a girl who is usually more attractive than the girl who is calling her a minger.

Thus a girl saying the word "minger" is really really minging and should be left to wallow in her teenage pregnancy.
A right mingaah - don't know what he sees in her - mingaaah
by andy March 11, 2004
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A mix of a ginger and mangohead. The ending result,minger, is very unattractive. People usually do not accept them because of their looks.
by Gussy Foreman March 02, 2008
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a) an extremely ugly person
b) a motorcycle wheelie
a) Jesus christ, that bitch is a complete cunting minger!
b) Last night I lofted a 1st gear minger!
by th0^ August 08, 2006
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Basically minger is an ugly person!

To be a minger you need to be:

(fat, retard, just plain ugly and have big, bushy eye-brows!)

These are not my opinions so don't shout at me >_>
Oh wat a minger, mate!
Yesh she is fat, a retard, just plain ugly and has big, bushy eye-brows!

Lol sossie! (Harriet clarke - jk)
by Flora Veale August 05, 2005
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Someone who is down right ugly!
Yuk, I dont fancy yours much! what a minger!
by fashanu April 23, 2003
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the ugliest person i know. she is the definition of smelly and fat and is terrible at netball. lazy and ungrateful, a minger sleeps and eats more than anything else. you'd rather saw off your own foot than dare walking closer to her
wow that erin girl is such a minger!
by erinchappleisgay June 14, 2010
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