a minger is some one who is butt ugly in every way. someone who gives you unpleasent shivers of the spine makes your skin crawl. just plain ewwww.
Collins; On the page, OK, he's pretty bad. In the flesh, he's all-time king of the mingers!
by LIA FAN August 28, 2009
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A minger is someone who,
Smells a lot like mouldy poo,
Her face resembles an anal hole,
You wouldn't stick her with ur pole!!!
"Ming, Ming...Ming, MIng" Damn it my girlfriend is ringing!!!
by Bling! February 06, 2004
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A(Seemingly Ugly) Chick that you fuck(drunk, sober, otherwise), yet in the morning you would not tell your friends because she is ugly.

Also see Dinger- A Damn good Minger
by thewood September 06, 2003
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A motorcycle stunt done by riding on the rear wheel while the front tyre is raised in the air. A Wheelie.
Mingers are bad MmmmK? (Klink)
This dude just busted out a stand up Minger the entire way over the Mount Henry Bridge,it was awesome.
The Gixxer thou,a pure bred Minger Machine.

by Tazmanian May 05, 2007
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Someone who is facially inept, fat, retarded, or ugly in any other kind of way. Also see - minging and ming

Closely relates to munter
"oh my god, look at that minging bird"

"that fat chick is a complete minger"

"oh boy, she mings"
by Kathie<3 April 09, 2004
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A UK term meaning 'ugly'. The verb is 'mingin' The G is prounced with a hard sound (as in Gun).
Man, he's a real minger.


Man, he's really mingin.
by PeteGinis March 17, 2006
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