Yet another word to describe the effects of too much (or just enough) alcohol or drugs (mainly drugs to be honest) (see also mashed).
Also can mean - 'A Fanny'
Look at that guy gurning, he looks like a spack, he is MINGED!!!
by Kieron (aka Keeks) March 8, 2005
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To be used when your vagina, covered or uncovered is being displayed, usually at close range.
*climbing over the top of someone while wearing only underpants*

Person underneath: "You just minged me."
by i love bj March 28, 2010
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An Asian (especially foreign born Chinese) trophy wife typically married to a rich non asian guy.
That nerd married a hot Ming Ming after he took his tech company public and made millions.
by Mplad August 24, 2006
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A word to let people know that no one cares about what they are saying and your not listening
Rowan: my dad always beats me

Jake: I swear rowan everytime you talk all I hear is Ming Ming Ming
by Mazzzzza July 31, 2020
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A slang term for vagina, typically used in the UK, particularly in the south.

Can be used as an alternative for fanny, cunt, twat, sausage wallet, gash, lady box, pink cave, axe wound, split etc.

An idiot, moron, foolish person. "Why did you do that you absolute minge!?"
I'll never get tired of looking at minge on the Internet!

You have a gorgeous minge, my dear!

Hey Jeff, stop acting like a minge in front of the ladies!
by Llewelyn Dowd August 28, 2022
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a saying that describes liking or something along those lines.
*watching a movie*
*romantic scene comes on*
Amanda: Ming Ming! ;D
by stop staring lol February 9, 2012
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The area on the female body including the mons pubis, clitoris and vaginal regions. Also knows as a 'pussy' pussytwat
As she bent over the coffin I could tell she forgot to put on underwear as I could see her minge..
by ReubenTroy February 9, 2016
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