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Pleonasm and contraction of two words (pussy and twat) both describing a cunt, usually to insult someone comparing him to a women's genital.
This place is full of pussytwats hanging around.
Steve is a real pussytwat as a boss and as a person.
by bougalou May 04, 2007
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A guy that not only is a pussy for being scared to do something, but he's a pussytwat when a woman has to do the dirty work for him. This could be in a domestic, public, or work situation.
Example: Guy: "The toilet is clogged, what am I going to do?" Woman: "Go get the plunger and unclog it." Guy: "I can't do that, that's disgusting!" Woman: "OMG, give me the damn plunger, I'll show you how it's done you pussytwat!"
by Dpuddy July 11, 2014
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