A slang term for vagina, typically used in the UK, particularly in the south.

Can be used as an alternative for fanny, cunt, twat, sausage wallet, gash, lady box, pink cave, axe wound, split etc.

An idiot, moron, foolish person. "Why did you do that you absolute minge!?"
I'll never get tired of looking at minge on the Internet!

You have a gorgeous minge, my dear!

Hey Jeff, stop acting like a minge in front of the ladies!
by Llewelyn Dowd August 28, 2022
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The area on the female body including the mons pubis, clitoris and vaginal regions. Also knows as a 'pussy' pussytwat
As she bent over the coffin I could tell she forgot to put on underwear as I could see her minge..
by ReubenTroy February 9, 2016
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Minge means car in the UK. People often call it a minge and won’t be referred as anything else.
i like your minge! What colour is your minge? When did you last wash your minge
by tomprattx January 25, 2022
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"Ooh, me minge is kicking out a right pong!!"
by The Dannii November 20, 2006
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The Female Vagina;
Originally From Old German and Pronounced Minger, with a hard G ; it has travelled through all the European Nations Via Migration of Populations through the ages.
" All men come out of a minge on the first day of their Life and then they (nearly all) spend the rest of their lives trying to get into one. "
by Cyril Squirrel April 2, 2007
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Ditty from UK 1950s
The area of singe round the fringe of the minge is equal to the length of the poke times the speed of the stroke
by Aforanon October 9, 2006
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