A phrase meaning 'i dont know.' Usually used when some one asks you something you should know, or when your particularly clueless about any situation.
person 1- "Wow, how did you get that bruise?"
person 2- "Beats me!"
by Nemrem February 20, 2006
Not what your redneck dad does.
I can’t tell how this shit works, beats me.
by Yourvum July 2, 2021
Oversized trendy sunglasses that cover large portions of the face.
It's so bright out, I need to put on my 'beat me's.'

I just bought myself a pair of 'beat me's.'

by Zac_212 April 2, 2008
giving someone a hand job

jacking off
Andrew: mmm babe beat me
Erica: mmkay ;D
by the bitch who kills June 24, 2011
When a certain person is exceedingly dumb. When they need some intellectual intelligence.
dumb Beats Me
by MissNash123 January 17, 2011
This idiom means, I was going to say/do the same thing and you did it before I could.
a: Shall we do something tonight
b: You beat me to it. Shall we go to Joe's?
by firestart November 26, 2013
Answer to a question that you have no idea how to answer.
A-How did that pine cone basket get there?
B-Beats me off.
by hotstuff babee April 1, 2008