This word is used to define something that is ugly and or wack.
"yo, get out of here giiiirl wiff yo milky ass face."


"damn man, my internet is acting too milky."
by behunt93 January 07, 2009
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Slow witted person, very stupid,
To have no sex appeal or sex drive,
normally works for a very little pay rate
you are so milky,
shes milky i want someone hot and horny,
i cant pay u much can u be milky and work for fries?
by kinga-da-hill April 22, 2003
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to get ones little dick out and cry.
oi, my boyfriend last night, got his dick out last night, put it in a jonny, and wept his little eyes out, what a milky!
by awegqwrg January 21, 2009
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1.Anything of or pertaining to a pregnant person
2.A word used to make fun of pregnant people
3. A term describing something pissy or moody
omg she is so milky!
Ew why would you want to do that, thats so milky
by Amber & Ashlee July 10, 2008
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showing signs of homosexuality, being fruity, gay, lesbian, queerish.
That was so milky of Sean Penn to say at the Academy Awards.
by Bippis February 22, 2009
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To steal someones work and call it their own. (Also might make a few changes to the stolen work so its not so obvious but you can still tell when you listen or see both works.)
Johnathan(The milky): Hey I thought of a new Song!
Kenny: Lemme hear it!
Johnathan:(Plays song on guitar)
Kenny: Hey.. that sounds like my song.
Johnathan: Nope its different.
Kenny: it sounds exactly like mine.
Johnathan: Nope mine is better and it has a rhythm..
by XxCandyCaneOrgasismsmxX March 02, 2010
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