to dissappear or to make someone dissappear. To leave without a trace.
I could not get to the bottom of things so I found it necessary to milk carton.
by nick May 9, 2005
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To snatch, rob, or take without asking when the owner isn't looking also when a joke is cracked on someone its called a milk carton.must scream milk carton when this happens
When Mrs.sidoti left the classroom, Zach milk cartoned all her pencils.
by [Baby_Zach] August 11, 2006
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when a girl or guy is giving you oral sex when you ejaculate.push his or her head down on your penis show she spews semen and pukes.
man i gave debbie a milk carton last night.
by cory funk May 13, 2008
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a pussy that can hold a nice amount of cumm
by bvng bvng July 17, 2014
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Breasts, Boobs, Jugs. Milk comes out of the breast, so milk cartons.
My milk cartons are so huge he asked to suck them.
by HitchHiking January 22, 2015
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Friend who suddenly disappears, usually because of a new relationship.
We were tight until he met Lailia. Then he milk cartoned.
by trollope June 3, 2007
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