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Blowing your load, but producing no sperm that is capable of impregnating a woman.
"Man, we've been trying to have a kid for ages, I'm shooting blanks at the moment."
Q: "Didn't you use a rubber?"
A: "Nah, I'm shooting blanks."
by Diego July 08, 2003
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When you've jacked off so much that you are no longer able to produce semen.
I was trying to beat my record today, and by the 12th time I was shooting blanks
by pakleader2000 May 13, 2017
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Obvious consequence of a vasectomy. Plenty of cum, but babies have been removed.
Silly girlfriend thinks our baby will win a wedding ring. So I will enjoy the nightly bareback rides and keep shooting blanks by keeping my vasectomy secret.
by Vulgar Skunk May 18, 2017
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for males during orgasm no semen comes out your penis . During retrograde ejaculation, semen travels into the bladder, rather than being squirted out of the penis. This is usually the result of most prostate surgeries. When turp (Trans Urethral Resection of the Prostate) was first started for bladder retention, cuting away some of the prostate with scopic tube including miniature camera, miniature scalpal up your pee hole up to your prostate. Again in the late 1970's doctors worked very slowly and cautiously so far less of thes turp procedures caused dry climax, orgasm. Today what occurs is surgeons working too fast. this results damage to the vesical sphincter. Since the sphincter is damaged or roto rotered totally it no longer closes off the bladder so your jism just falls in there instead of splooging out your cock. These dry orgasms give very little pleasure and more importantly do not give any sexual tension relief.
Retrograde ejaculation can happen as a result of certain types of surgery, such as prostate surgery, or can occur in men with conditions that can damage the nerves, such as diabetes, alcohol abuse or multiple sclerosis.
guy:This guy tells me post prostate surgery he can't splooge in his lover's face, he's just shooting blanks, so she left him.
listening guy: why the fuck should that matter
guy: He told me she rubs his or some other guy now, jizz into her face and she thinks it makes her face look ten years younger.
listening guy: whatever
by anon_frank March 08, 2017
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Sending a blank text message by mistake, or due to a phone malfunction of some kind.
Man 1: "Damn it, I keep shooting blanks! I can't wait for my plan to expire, so that I can get a new phone with a WORKING keyboard."

Man 2: "Man, I wish I had that problem with my girlfriend, but I wouldn't re-up until I'm at least 30."

Man 1: "I take it that you started praying for false positives?"
by jsmith9 August 23, 2010
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