a track athlete who excels at the 1 mile distance.
Q:what was marks 1 mile time yesterday?

A-4:02.his splits were 62,60,60,60
by joe April 10, 2005
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a woman who seems attractive at a long distance but becomes incresingly hideous as she gets closer.
Damn when I saw her from across the street she looked hot but when I got closer she looked like my dog's ass, what a miler.
by Paul B April 24, 2003
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An rampantly sexual teenage girl; a slut. This is derived from the phrase, "doing a mile six inches at a time".
After she'd finished with Tom, she went straight on to Harry. That Shanna really is a miler.
by Elainor September 6, 2005
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Some one that can run a mile very well weather it be in track or from the police
i ran a 4:00 min mile yesterday and won the country championship
by john lipuma June 28, 2005
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a person who is born, grows up, goes to school, gets a job or goes to college all within a 5 mile radius of their childhood home. someone too afraid to get out of their hood to live anywhere else.
Geez can't you ever get out of this town or are you a five miler?
Why can't we go to Bridgeton. Are you a five miler ?
There is more to the world than this town you five miler.
by phillybound December 6, 2013
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A 20 miler is a girl who is so fucking hot that you would drag your balls through 20 miles of broken glass just to smell the exhaust from the truck that takes her panties to the cleaners.
by tdogizzlenizzle March 22, 2011
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A slovenian singer and electro-boogie master, who is loved by many for his one-eyebrowed expression, and very lame video "Vedno si sanjala njéga", translated You always dreamt him.
dude, did u see Fredy Miler in Cljub yesterday?!
yeah dude! he was all like electro-boogie-one-eyebrow and shit!
by DreamOfXX February 8, 2005
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