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The all mighty god MIHAJLO. He is the god of the found religion in Kumanovo called Mihajloizam. He is the creator of this world and all must bow down to him and his sun Madzo.
Guy 1: I prayed so hard to Mihajlo last night.
Guy 2: Yeah same i feel so blessed that we are living in the same time that he is.
by Chaleslayer1234 June 14, 2017
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Typically a male with a massive dick. If your name is Mihajlo you have a massive penis. Someone named Mihajlo has very nice hair and is quite tall. And you will mostly find Serbian boys with that name. Mihajlo is a very sexy male with a really big dick.
Person 1: OMG is that Mihajlo?
Person 2: Yeah his so hot.
Person 1: His dick is massive too!-
by Mike cauxmall August 11, 2019
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