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People who are born, OR raised, OR living in Taiwan, AND embracing, loving the nature, culture, and everything about Taiwan.
A)Born and Raised: Chien-Ming Wang, who is a native Taiwanese has shined in New York.
B)Live in TW and Love it: Dr. GEO.L.MACKAY devoted himself improving the medical treatment and environment his whole life. He's regarded as one of the greatest Taiwanese at all time.
by taiwanese August 04, 2006
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I race Of people born in taiwan... NOT people who are Chinese. The People from taiwan have been forced under old terms to side with chinas "One country two governments" system. Which personally is total BS just because Hong Kong went along with it doens't mean Taiwan Should. Taiwan should and will be a free country soon enough.
American}Whats your background? You look chinese..
Taiwanese I'm not chinese im Taiwanese. From taiwan NOT china.

Ex 2
American So you look chinese
{Taiwanese Would you call an Irishmen british?
American No
taiwanese Then why would you call me chinese? Im taiwanese

by Loyal For Life March 05, 2005
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the people from taiwan. they write traditional chinese which is more legit, much friendlier and much more polite than the mainland chinese, and they have hot-ass chicks for the most part. the dudes all play basketball or baseball, unless american-raised. oh, and did i mention that most of them consider taiwan separate from china?
taiwanese fo' lyfe, byitch. PRC can suck our dicks.
by california cowzz February 01, 2010
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People born in Taiwan, love Taiwan, have parents from Taiwan, or love anything Taiwanese. And even though people say we are actually Chinese, we used to be.... a couple hundred years ago. So everyone on Taiwan is Taiwanese, not Chinese.
American: Hey, are you Chinese?

Asian: No, I'm Taiwanese.

American: Oh, that's cool.
by EternalAzn January 31, 2010
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The majority population living on the island of Taiwan. They are not only culturally different from the Han Chinese, but genetically different as well.

When the Mainland Chinese sailors, bandits, and businessmen came to the island of Taiwan 500-600 years ago, they were for the most part exclusively male.

The ones that remained on the island married the local women with genetic stock closer to the pacific islanders than the Han Chinese.

As a result, the Chinese genetic lineage began to weaken as the mixed children of these relationships had more children. The reason that Taiwanese have Chinese last names is due to the Patriarchy and Racism of Chinese colonialism. Genetically speaking, however,Taiwanese and Chinese are significantly different.
Taiwanese are sexy mofos who are genetically different from the Chinese.
by twainer August 03, 2005
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People, objects, etc. that originate from the island of Taiwan.

If you have a computer product under the brand of BenQ, Acer, or Asus, you have a Taiwanese product. Far more reliable and of higher quality than some chickenshit copy-cat Dell that was made in China.

Taiwanese people are very similar to the Japanese... only they speak Mandarin Chinese and/or local dialects. They are polite and friendly, unlike many of the mainland assholes. Oh, and they have MUCH hotter chicks.
The Taiwanese are fucking awesome. Mainland Chinese can go suck some dicks.
by LOLWUT!?!?!??? April 03, 2011
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