A male of the human species, very under apprecieated considering they advanced society to this point and bend over backwards for women, which quite frankly is a mistake since once that man gets married he is trapped. Besides marriage, many other things oppress men (which feminists who want "equality" fail to mention), an example being that men are more likely to be convicted of false rape accusations from a woman, because he is a man.Men also are forced to sign up for the draft and fight and die in wars they didn't want to be part of, but yet women claim they are the oppressed gender, even though their lives are the most comfortable and the government spoils them.
Men are also victims of gender inequality, but nobody cares because they're supposed to "man up" (which is the most sexist thing anyone can say)
by SovietNether May 17, 2015
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As judging by U.D posts, someone who is okay for women to generalize just like racists do, calling them pigs, perverts, shallow, cheaters, oppressors, etc, and it is okay for a woman to be a misandrist sexist pig towards the entire population of men, yet it is not okay to generalize or insult women in any aspect or else you are a sexist misogynist pig. Gallop polling says 60% of married people found cheating were women, but men are accused of being "the cheaters" on urban dictionary, by misandrist sexist pigs.

Men are supposed to adhere to the "be a man" gender role where they have to be strong and make 100% of the income, do all of the heavy duty work, and have a big penis, but it is not okay to say that all women need to adhere to the woman gender role which is being a skinny subordinate with large breasts who doesn't do anything but make her man sandwiches. It's not offensive to assume that all men want are power tools, but it's offensive to assume that all women want are vacuums.

Woman can ask for all the physical appearance they want yet still not be called shallow, and those same people will hypocritically call men shallow when they do it.
Men are people with enormous inequalities that never get addressed, like not being able to get their child by any means in custody just because he was born with a Y chromosome, having to pay his female partner half of his money after any divorce for any reason, and so many societal double standards that it's not even funny.
A fat guy with a pretty girl: That guy thinks he's entitled, he's not a "real man" he looks weak as a jellyfish!

A fat girl with a hot guy: You go girl! No one should have to put up with your physical appearance, but men everywhere need to get fit, have a big penis, make 100% of the income, and be a "real man" because it's OKAY to promote this "be a man" gender role, but it's not okay to say that women need to "be women" where they are skinny, have large breasts, and who's only goal in life is to be a sex toy and make sandwiches.
by ACTUAL Equality February 22, 2014
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Men can be the most wonderful thing ever for a woman to meet , or they can be selfish pigs who want women to do everything for their lazy asses. All men are different , so you would have to get to know a man before you judge him , but women can be just as bad by judging him to soon and not loving a man , just wanting to suck him dry of his money. Some woman will respect a man and not care about the money , just how much they love their man. In return a REAL man should give respect back and love her , help her with the house work , and honestly think they are equals. Men should not have to respect women who are bitches to them and steal their money and so on , so if any man out their is being treated badly by a woman and getting no respect from their equal , and you ARE respecting her , then dump the bitch and go find yourself a REAL woman , and leave sterotypical woman behind.

I know for a fact men and women are exactly the same , even though they look different , deep-down their all equals , because some women are either nice or mean and thats the same for men.

if your a man and you think your better than all woman , just because your a man ... THEN FUCK YOU! AND IM TALKING TO THE WOMEN AS WELL IN THIS KIND OF MATTER!

and unfortunately , woman have to suffer with periods and have mood swings they cant control sometimes , and REAL men will know she cant help it , will not judge and try to not get in the way of the mean machine of the month!
It affects men to , so sorry for the men who have to grin and bear it every once a month , but im sure it will help if you think about how the women is feeling just as bad as you ( pain-wise ).

Without men , the human race could survive.

Without women , the human race could not survive.
both men and women are responsible for being parents and should not leave the baby alone with the other parent , they should work together as a team. Sadly a lot of men still try to be better than woman and don't realize the equality. The olden days , when men ruled , women were useless because no-one taught them to do anything except raise kids and now look at today , how society has become better! I hope im alive to see men and women treated the same and the mojority of them dont act like complete pricks. With the women today , and how they are comparing to many years ago , i beleive that day will come some day.

the point of this is really...

Men ... can't live with them , can't live without them.

Woman ... can't live with them , can't live without them.

I hope this writing makes you realise the true solution , even though the solution to the problem with men and women will probably solved on its on , in time...

Thank You For Reading :D :)
by Tina.B ( teen-queen ;) :P ) August 16, 2008
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(on msn)

guy 1: u wanna go for pizza later?
guy 2: men
guy 1: huh?
guy 2: i meant meh
by brammmma May 07, 2006
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50% of the population.

Oh damn, my boyfriend dumped me because I'am a self centered, materalist, man hating nut. I'am going to go write a hateful def in UD about men now and act like I (and the other woman who wrotes defs) aren't hypocritical seixists.
That will show them.
Cindy: The world would be a better place without men!

Common Sense: Ok then be ready to live in a world with a deficit in scientists, engineers or plasitic surgeons for that matter.
by Femhypocrite October 26, 2011
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The opposite of women.
Just a plain and simple definition of men because there is a war between the sex on UD and that's a damn shame. Honestly my opinion of men is that I have had too many bad experiences with them but there are good men in my family, including my father, brother and uncles and my grandfathers (whom passed away years ago).

Too all the men on here who have something negative to say about women are one of the following:
1. Misogynist
2. Have no positive or decent female role models in your life
3. Are an asshole who's been dumped and rejected by every woman you've been with and rather take it out on women, beside examining yourself
4. Insecure with your masculinity to the point where you think belittling and downing women will make you more of a man
5. An immature jerk who needs to grow up
6. A jerk who's mother abandoned him, so he is mad at every woman in the world

To all the women on here who have something negative to say about men are:

1. Nazi-Lesbian
2. Had too many bad experiences with men and feel she should take it out on all men
3. No good male role models
4. Angry because her poppa is a rolling stone
5. Just been dumped by her boyfriend when he was an asshole in the first place
6. A woman who simply gives true, mature feminists a bad name (all feminists--damn near every feminist do not hate men)

And I, myself, am feminist; Not the "hate-every-man and become a lesbian" feminist, but the "all men and women should be treated equal and have equal rights and be on an equal level" feminist. But I think this war between the sexes is ridiculous.
by twistedbabydoll August 18, 2007
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