see useless prick.

-the source of all sexist rumormongering and societal ridicule aimed at women.

-the inferior species.

-the cause of war.
by cambria April 28, 2005
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Opposite sex of women. Most men think they are better than women, and most women think they are better than men. When you really think about it, women are better than men. Men can be smart, caring, understanding, creative individuals, but the fact that the only thing most of them care about is fucking some hot ass blonde chick with tits the size of watermelons up the ass and jacking off to slutty porn stars and their 14 year old, sexually developing female neighbors (lmao), takes it all away and makes us (women) the better sex. Advice to men: If you really want us women to respect you then stop: getting boners from looking at sluts walking down the street in thongs up to their armpits, raping your 12 year old daughters just because they're growing visable breasts and you wonder what it would be like to squeeze the hell out of them and/or how tight they're pussies are, cheating on your wives just because they've gained 5 pounds, claiming to be more intelligent than women while making yourselves look fucking stupid by urging your wife to get breast implants to increase their breast size to a 44 triple GGGGGG when breast implants could cause serious health problems, saying things like, "fat chicks suck" or "i hate chicks with no tits", when most men fail to realize that the male body is ANYTHING but beautiful if they do not work out on a daily basis and take viagra, thinking with their penises, thinking that a woman that weighs 88 pounds is "thick"...the list goes on and on. The truth is that the only reason men were put on this planet is to reproduce, make more humans, and piss us women off. And I'm not a Christian. Whoever wrote the bible was a sexist pig (not saying that I'm not) that thought women weren't as good as men (YES they did! If you have ever actually read the bible then you know), however, most women stillll want to follow this religion and don't even know how much they are embarrassing themselves. Well I'm getting off topic here so bottom line: women are better than men so suck my female genetalia. Oh yeah, gay men are waaaaaaaayy better. Damn this definition is long so I'll just shut up now.
Typical man: Hey! You have huge tits, a nice ass, you're shorter than me, and you weigh 88 pounds! Let me shove my huge cock in your pussy and bang your brains out, even though I already have a wife at home who would sleep with me!!!
Slutty Girl: Sure I will let you do that because I have no brain and I want to make myself feel better about how slutty and uneducated I am by fucking any and every man that comes my way!
Respectable Girl: No *walks away*
The man then violently rapes both girls because he is one of those men that think women "shouldn't have a choice".
Men are the scum of the Earth.
by Pete Wentz March 25, 2007
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(1) A man is a being that is very rare to find. A man is all the a woman wants. This is mainly; Kind, sensitive, sweet, funny - not crude, interesting, loving, mature, protective - not obsessed, sharing and gentle. However because you are very unlikley to find a man, you extremly unlikly to find men. So instead we call them lads or players. However if you do find a real man you are very lucky, so be careful!

(2) Lads / Players are normally at least one of those things out. Most have the 'need' to be sexist and like to shout things such as 'bend over darlin' and such like. They also have no idea of decency and like to brag about their sex positions.

(3) Players quite often like to Shoulder surf and sweet talk you whilst having a look round to see whos better. Lads / Players also have never ending cheesy chat lines such as , "I've lost my number can I have yours?" and "I like your top but it would look better on my bedroom floor" etc.

(4) Lads / Players also have a tendancy to tell all their mates exactly what happened last night. Some even do this in front of the female concerned. This is a stereotype known as a Jerk
(1) Mary: OMG. I think . . . I could of found . . . a man!!
Louise: No way. Does he have any brothers.
Mary: Yes but they're players
Louise:Not a family of men then?
Mary: No just the one.
Louise:Oh well make sure you keep him to yourself or you'll have a fight in your hands.
Mary: Totally

(2)I was walking a long my street, minding my own business just walking past a construction site, lolly pop in mouth. Suddenly this lad shouts wehey love nice job you're doing sucking that. Come on want to try me out?

(3) Mary goes to a club and catches the eye of some player.
Player: Hello, wanna come for a dance sweetheart?
Mary: Not really.
Player: Oh come on darling. What could happen. Come and have a dance. Eh?
Mary: ooh go on then
Player: Oh sorry Ive just seen someone I need to talk to. Give me your number and Ill call you if I get lost.
Mary: You wish

(4) Louise: I cant believe how good it was last night
Lad: Yeah I know. Do wanna come meet my mates?
Louise: Sure
Lad:Hey guys how fit is she?
*Wolf whistles etc*
Louise:Stop it
Lad: Well guess how hot she was last night? SO HOT. She is such a closet slut
Louise: OMG. You jerk
*Slaps him*
JERK: Chill babe
by Gary {mao} May 07, 2007
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Men: manipulative lying,cheating scumbags,who are the only reason sisters lose the PERSPECTIVE and FIGHT?Men are cheaters and credit stealers,not to be trusted as much as a collegue,as they know the ways in which a cheater can get ahead..women make more reliable work collegues..but i will say one thing they are better at forming comradery,know how to cover for thier cheating home boys ..some thing the sisters need to change BADLY.
Men are the only reason women get pushed back..in the early centuries we were female muses the wives of the einsteins giving the ideas and the men just taking them as their own and even putting intellectual credit on them..

BUT NOW THE TABLE HAS TURNED.Women have jobs,Women have Money and more Women are not afraid to COME OUT or HAVE A SEX LIFE..OR HAVE TWO JOBS..OR GET CRAZY BOTOX..THEY AINT FUCKIN CARE NOW ..as there are fewer retributions but some are still shunned by society..which is sad and pushes the developing sister backwards on to the shitty std infested man path.

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According to radical feminists, a synonym for "potential rapists"
radical feminist: All men are potential rapists
regular dude: Wow. And all feminist wackjobs like you are fucked in the head
radical feminist: YOU are a potential rapist!
regular dude: And YOU are FITH! pfffft!
radical feminist: pfffft!
regular dude: pffffffffffffffffffft!
by AcheNot August 10, 2017
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emotionless beings only on this planet to aid reproduction...to create many greenhouse gases & to break every girls heart. they are occassionally kind and considerate....but those ones are very rare, if you know one ...keep him!!!!
what were those pieces of filth?...oh just some men
by penelope February 03, 2005
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