A term used to disguise the act of smoking pot.
"Hey Jimmy, wanna come over and read the bible?"

"Ok, sounds good, i'll bring my lighter"
by Kentt July 30, 2007
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screennameone: why aren't you responding?
screennametwo: sorry man I had to read the bible. hot porn.
screennameone: that's sick man
by Jenn Huls May 23, 2006
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reading the bible is nothing other than fucking with your loved ones <33
for example:

"wanna read the bible tonight?"

"ofc babe I'll be there in 5 minutes"
by defnoturgirl January 8, 2022
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The term "reading the bible" refers to any situation that is bad, illegal, or just naughty like sex or drugs.
You and your friends are smoking pot in your room. Your mom knocks on the door and asks what your doing in there. You respond "reading the bible!"

You and your friend are talking in study hall and you are asked "So what did you and Joe do last night?" you respond "oh, ya know, we um... read the bible out loud to eachother." When really you fucked like bunnies.
by xShannonx February 15, 2006
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refers to Christians and Catholics using another name for masturbating more commonly used by priest and religious figures
The priest told me that tonight he is going to be Reading the Bible
by Greenmanisgod43 July 19, 2010
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When people only read one part of a larger text, and completely miss the point. This happens a lot in many contexts. Some people even use parts of bible passages to do things that aren't actually good if they were to read the complete passage.
You've completely misunderstood my letter because you didn't read the whole thing through! You're reading the bible!
by Grau April 23, 2007
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Is a code word for sex. I made it up in high school, so people that didn't know what it was still thought we were good kids
Tyson & Lindsay just left to go read the bible.
by wildcat February 9, 2005
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