something you call your significant other when you truly and honestly love him/her.
ryan is my beautiful love.
by ariLove January 17, 2009
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what you call someone when you know you want to spend the rest of your life with.
one day, I'm gonna marry him because he's my beautiful love, and I'll love him forever.
by 4r.seee January 18, 2009
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The woman that Florian is simping for 24/7 he treasures her love and he wants to be with her 24/7 she’s his beautiful lovley lily
Florian:hey my beautiful lovely lily how are you?

by That_onekidyt October 11, 2020
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That woke vegan friend we all have who cares so much about the planet that she pulls out her metal straws at every cafe. She legit has sleepless nights just in case her wet and dry waste are not segregated correctly. She’s all heart and does small acts of love for the planet, like upcyling eco-friendly recycled plastic waste into packaging material.

“You love the planet more than your boyfriend, you’re just like love beauty and planet
by Luluinlondon November 25, 2021
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