noun - 24 inch rims. Comes from the number of hours in a day, which are then converted to inches.
We ride on whole days around here, that's 24's.
by Ramajama March 23, 2003
A Song from Dixie D'amelio, a girl who got famous because of her sister. It's one of the most basic white girl songs on the planet and has terrible auto-tune
"You know the song 'One whole day'?"
"oh you mean the one by dixie d'amelio? yeah it's terrible"
by v0lts January 9, 2021
Die in an accident (especially a plane or boat crash) or be killed. From pilot slang, "gravity can ruin your whole day".
One tactical nuke can ruin your whole day.

Poor guy. He was trying to climb over a mountain pass when his engine quit. Didn't have enough altitude to make the turn. Ruined his whole day.
by s%mebody October 5, 2012
The phrase you compete to say first right after midnight to signify a new day. There is no second place in this competition.
It’s A Whole New Day! Auz You Suck For Never Winning. LLLLLLLLLLLLLL
by Redmundo Fanclub December 9, 2021
December 7
The day in which all women and/or thots are obligated to send a pic of the entire tiddy to any guy who asks for or has previously asked for nudes.
This is the IRS, but don’t worry its National Free The Whole Tiddy day! Show us what you got!!!
by mobambajuice December 7, 2018
December 25 is worldwide Whole Lotta Red Day. on December 25 2020 released Playboi Carti Whole Lotta Red, Carti his best project. we need to forget christmas
What are you doing with christmas?
Me: christmas? it’s world wide Whole Lotta Red Day, we gonna stream that!
by xoxdewy December 24, 2021
The phrase you say when you when an un-completeness of turtle watching.
Friend 1: Hey I saw a Turtle in the parking lot!

Friend 2: Where is it?!

Friend 1: Theres no Turtle I needed to get your attention.

Friend 2: Now Im gonna have to go online and look at turtles, or else Im gonna be off the whole day.
by ghoul138 April 19, 2011