Someone or something that makes you happy on a daily basis. Just having that person/thing in your life makes you happy. You think about this person/thing so much that you have to try and stop yourself to be able to focus on other things that require attention in your life. This person/thing is amazing, beautiful and knows how to bring a smile to your face on the darkest of days.
Wow, my girlfriend is The Best!
by Youraretheonlyoneforme December 2, 2011
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Someone who's really special to you. In your eyes, they are absolutely perfect. Someone who you are extremely lucky to have in your life. They are also a major influence on your happiness, and can make you smile and laugh at almost anytime. They can make the bad days feel ok, the good days even better, and no matter what as long as you're with them, it makes any situation 27000x better. Overall, they are truly the sunshine in your life, making them The Best (and need to realize that soon).
Boy: "Dude your girlfriend's awesome!"
Boyfriend: "I know, I'm pretty lucky! She truly is The Best."
by SlumbrousWhale3 June 19, 2020
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Someone considered the best is anyone named Tony. This is someone who can literally do anything without trying and end up being great at it and you should never undermine their skills.
Person 1: Guess who won the game.
Person 2: It was tony wasn't it.
Person 1 : Of course, he's just the best.
by swim4life05 February 15, 2022
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Something that happens when you least expect it
A guy I met in a Target parking lot and happens to be the most amazing person, the best night ever
by hay kk hay March 11, 2010
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The Best, meaning nothing or no one is better, is defined as Matthew Faubert. He is The Best.
"Wow, that Matthew Faubert guy is The Best!"
by Noona Lynn April 24, 2019
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Justin. The guy who makes everyday worth living. The one who will better you and love you unconditionally. They are you’re other half.
by baby1018 January 14, 2022
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