A chick that is so out of order fine that she makes you all hard like stone.
Sheila is so fine she got me all medusa. It started in my pants.
by Charlie Golf May 8, 2004
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A piercing located on the top lip, in the middle, just below your septum.

Generally worn with a labret post, Medusa piercings are incredibly painful.
"See that piercing on her top lip?"
"It's a medusa."
by nekr0phel3ah September 10, 2006
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The girl at the party who always has weed to share. She'll get everyone stoned.
Glad we ran into a Medusa last night, everybody was lit by the time she left
by medusalover September 1, 2010
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An extremely beautiful girl who happens to be bitchy from time to time.
Kacie is such a medusa.
by Me January 29, 2004
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a woman who who is so ugly that when you look a her you turn to stone
Last night after my beer goggles wore off, i looked at the medusa next to me and i turned to stone. HOLLER!
by GGGGGGG-UNNNNIITTTT September 20, 2003
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A strikingly beautiful female. Means the opposite of "Medusa" (the mysthological character).
No one tan touch her looks, she's a medusa.
by Jim December 3, 2004
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A man that has multiple penis that branch from a single shaft, giving the appearance of a medusa.
doin 30 women at the same time with ma medusa
by Vox Nerduli July 16, 2006
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