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One who has a extreme liking for swallowing and does it with great fervor.
Alexis loves choking down my load. She is such a cum guzzler and can't get enough.
by Charlie Golf August 19, 2005

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When a negro's skin so dry it looks like they a white folk who been workin' in a coal mine.
Damn, Sheila skin be ashy.....she need some cocoa butter to moisten up.
by Charlie Golf April 14, 2004

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To try and take back what you just said. In reference to the way a crawfish swims/walks -- backwards.
Jimmy done say he wanted to titty-fuck that bitch but when he find out she be my kid sista he start crawfishin' like a muthafucka.
by Charlie Golf April 05, 2004

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A chick that is so out of order fine that she makes you all hard like stone.
Sheila is so fine she got me all medusa. It started in my pants.
by Charlie Golf May 07, 2004

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The act of female masturbation. To rub/prod the female genitalia.
My boyfriend only lasts about 15 seconds so I normally have to punch the pie to get mine.
by Charlie Golf March 10, 2004

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When something is SO off the hook, outta control, it should be broke.
Damn! We raise the roof of dat house last night. That party was out of order.
by Charlie Golf April 19, 2004

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What you do when using a public or portable restroom whenever you have to bust a grump. You layer the seat with toilet paper and hover so your ass cheeks don't get tainted.
I had too much meat on a stick and warm beer at Lolapalooza so I had to deliver a huge order. The johnny on the spot had urine crusted pubes on the seat so I had to use like 3 layers of TP before I went into the cover and hover.
by Charlie Golf May 13, 2004

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