Verb. In MU* and IRC jargon, the use of the word reflects one person having said something in one window where they had expected to say something in another. Also encompasses conversation to one person or source that ends up going to another one.
"Rick was absolutely humiliated when he *mavved* that comment to his girlfriend."
by Kurasu Soratobu December 14, 2003
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a simple abbreviation of marvelous, for some reason with out the r, oh well.
man that was some mav shit!
by finchlad December 18, 2011
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1. simultaneously maverick and hip.

2. maverick to a fault; post-maverick.

mav is to maverick as rad is to radical.
When John McCain and Sarah Palin appeared on SNL, they went from being maverick to being mav.
by invinceble1 November 3, 2008
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Colloquial term for sleazeballs with faded tattoos and wigger shorts who hang out drinking PBR talls outside of the Maverick T stop on Boston's blue line whistling up chicks as they exit the station.
Yo, chalk, check out those Mavs....same guys as last night. Think they ever get laid?
by Stink August 3, 2004
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verb - to dominate the regular season only to get destroyed in the playoffs
I completely maved in fantasy football this year.

by Nick Driver December 17, 2007
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'Mavs' is a slang word to describe many things. One being 'beer' one being 'Balti' one being 'sesh' one being 'birds' (females) and last being 'a historic rugby club who are ranked number one in the world'
Mate get the Mavs in, I'll get the next round, Oi mate do you have a mav yet ? Mate do you wanna go for a mav this weekend with the boys ?
by Mavericks rugby club September 20, 2016
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The last thing you want to be referred to as. If someone eve calls you Mav... you’ve reached rock bottom.
Yo SeaBass you didn’t even come to Club Envy last night, you just stayed back and played MLB The Show... you’re so Mav
by ElectricFactory May 6, 2021
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