to be stoned, or out of it. also to be done over into a state of shock
he was totally MAVED
by Arsenic Man December 14, 2003
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Originally a contraction of "much fun we/I/he/she is having." Now used mostly as cool/awesome/amazing.
You will not believe how maving here.

She's so maving.
by Paul Cox July 2, 2005
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socially awkward weeb who failed no simp september check👁👅👁
mavee is a smart, pretty girl who always puts her friends first no matter what. she's freaking hot, but not really confident. she deserves the universe. her main talent is: underestimating her beautiful self. oh, and she crushes on hawks. a LOT.
why is that girl SO mavee?

she is a total mavee
by lullabyy September 11, 2020
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An event where a girl dates a boy who she thinks is older than him, but really isnt. She breaks up with him, and immediately after, dates his brother. Within three to five days, the girl breaks up with him too, breaking all ties with the entire family for good. Or at least, we think so.
That chica pulled a total mave!
by Mr. Snazzy December 29, 2005
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Combines the words, "Man" and "Cave" meaning "Man Cave" into one word.

A Man Cave is where a man will spend 90% of his time doing what he wants to do and when. Maves often have little light and are full of objects only a man would like.
He's in his Mave.
by calvins48 November 4, 2010
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Short for man-cave. An area where a man and his man buddies reside, drink beer, watch sports and grunt.
Morgan's fiance wanted their new house to look nice, so she made him build his mave in the basement.
by nattylite0409 March 21, 2010
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to thinking about getting maved, to play along with everyone else also see 'maved'
by [maved] February 4, 2004
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