The last thing you want to be referred to as. If someone eve calls you Mav... you’ve reached rock bottom.
Yo SeaBass you didn’t even come to Club Envy last night, you just stayed back and played MLB The Show... you’re so Mav
by ElectricFactory May 6, 2021
Greek slang word for a ghetto or hood dark skinned person.
What a mav.

those mavs are up to no good.
by richardparker May 7, 2013
Aussie slang term for 'morning'
"Panda Express? You'll be feeling that tomorrow mav!!"
by Co-founder May 12, 2015
To have unprotected sex with a girl, and finish inside, without having a discussion first about your sexual backgrounds
Joe - "Hey, did you hook up with that girl last night?"
Frank - "Dude, I totally mav'd her"
Joe - "I wonder how many other dude's have played that game
by wordtoyomothahomeslice August 12, 2011
It is a penis. It looks like this 8=====> Nice, isn't it?
Wow! Look at that massive mav... I wish i had one!
by Mavalicious October 28, 2007
Mav has several meanings, firstly it can be used as an exclamation of incredible surprise or astonishment (1) or it can be used in place of a swearword (2) or finally it can be used as a devastating insult (3)
(1) A mans head spontaneously combusts, one member of the crowd might exclaim 'Mav! That was awesome!'

(2) If a person were to be hit in the achillies tendon by a flying chainsaw while running a marathon they would be well within their rights to run while yelling 'Mav! Mav! Mav! Holy mav!'

(3) 'You mav' is an insult so offensive in some cultures it is punishable by death, a person may also be referred to as 'Mavish' or 'Mavable' or 'A mav', and in extreme cases 'Mavtastic'
by HolyMavItsSteve March 25, 2008