the art of forgetting those whom will never be remembered.
maturing is a part of life. accept it.
by justsomefregginchick December 17, 2011
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Knowing when to be immature.
It takes a mature person to know when to goof off and when not to.
by LordMethos January 6, 2004
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What 97% of the people on Urban Dictionary aren't.
People who write sex positions for the most random words on Urban Dictionary are not mature.
by Miku326 March 7, 2011
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The level at which one understands society's, and opposite sex's appeal to oneself. Is able to recognize appropriate times to act immature and can confidently carry themselves through times of despair, relationship issues, job interviews, exams, family problems, etc.

A mature person is mentally free of all immature excuses such as, egocentric blameworthiness, "too tired", "I forgot", or lying for cover. Instead, a mature person will respond to issues with admittance and apologize.

Police Officer - do you know how fast you were driving before I pulled you over?

Driver (lying) - I didn't even know what the speed limit was?


Police Officer - Do you know how fast you were driving before I pulled you over?

Driver (honest and apologetic) - My apologies officer but I believe I was traveling around 15 over the speed limit.
by Jimmythesnagglepuss September 27, 2011
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The thing that people who argue about it DON'T have.
"Maturity is learning from your mistakes."

"NO. Maturity is when you don't make mistakes anymore, AKA absolute maturity."

Yeah, not very mature people
by MrTflrbg September 24, 2012
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The ability to deal with themes most would find offensive or anerving.
1. The ability to deal with a movie or painting in which nudity is shown(NOT porn) without laughing, feeling uncomfortable or making a dirty comment.

2. The ability to deal with swearing in an appropriate manner. IE. not swearing every four seconds when a swear word has no reason for being there. Also, the ability to not be shocked by a swear word, nor laugh or make a joke.

3. The ability to have a conversation about themes most would find offensive or anerving. Such as nudity in art (movies or pictures. NOT porn.) Or perhaps sex life (Most likely, a mature person is one who does not have a ridiculous amount of one night stands, but rather, has an intimate relationship with one person whom they deeply care for.) or education.

4. Those who can commit to one person are mature.

5. Those who don't see pregnancy as a curse or a trap are mature.

6. Those who are accepting of others who are different from themselves are mature.
by Teamotedesideroterequire December 11, 2010
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