Anybody can say they don't hate the opposite sex as a collective group, just like they can say the same thing of any other group. Saying there is not one member of the opposite sex you met that you didn't like isn't the same thing as saying you hate everybody from that group. Denying that you ever had any negative feelings about somebody of the opposite sex isn't the same thing as honesty, since usually people that would say they never met anybody of the opposite sex they didn't like, not one person, are full of shit. There's always going to be at least one person of the opposite sex or any other group (including the one you're a part of) you never liked, never got along with, or hated, since you met them (and more often than not, more than one). You're going to make a few enemies in life, no matter what group they come from.
The deepest hatred isn't usually for an entire group of people, which is why racism, sexism, and homophobia are silly. The deepest hatred is usually reserved for that one person or those few people that are your worst enemies outside of yourself, no matter what sex, "race" (branch of the human race tree), or orientation they come from. There will always be a few that deep down if you are honest with yourself emotionally (even if not with others on the surface) you know were never meant to get along with each other, whether or not you get along along with some or most other people of that group. Sometimes it's a member of the opposite sex, sometimes it's a member of the same sex, sometimes both.
by The Original Agahnim December 28, 2022
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anything that scares away the opposite sex
why are you wearing a scarf, thats opposite sex repellent!
by hardhitr3 September 28, 2009
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A legal or social contract between a male and a female; considered to be the only relationship acceptable by the Abrahamic deity
Some religious person told me that same-sex marriage is immoral but opposite-sex marriage is blessed.
by tory borty December 15, 2012
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Also known as OSSD.

When an individual finds it incredibly difficult to converse or interact with a person of the opposite sex.

Also occurs when an individual can interact with a person of the opposite sex, but speaks without thinking, offends them without knowing it, or just doesn't know how to treat them. This can be seen in terrible boyfriends/girlfriends, pimps, annoying nerds, and short white freckled kids who think they're tough.
Justin: *mumbling* umm.. hi... i'm justin.. uh...
Hottest Girl in School: Hey, um, I don't remember ever seeing you before...
Justin: yeah um that's cus i'm always behind you... wait no i mean...
HGiS: Ew! Get away you freak!

*justin runs back to friends*
Friend: Omg man, do you have OSSD or something?!
Justin: What's that?
Friend: Opposite-sex social deficiency. You can figure it out.
by Synoryth November 5, 2009
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Someone who does things your boyfriend or girlfriend would do for you when you do not have a significant other.
by YM23 January 20, 2016
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The egg is when you pee right before you cum, Or vice-versa.
"dude I totally egged her face!"
"What's that?"
"Pee a litter on her face. Then cum which is like the egg white and the pee being yellow like yolk."
"Oh aight bet trynna egg you, which is egg the opposite sex!"
by EliteRedemption December 21, 2020
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