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An imaginary location dreamed up by two people who can't spell.
I want to make fun of people from Massachusetts, so I'm going to make an urban dictionary entry for Massachusettes, 'cause I'm a huge douche.
by assachusetts June 03, 2009
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1.a state
2.residents are called "Massholes"
3.drivers in mass are referred to as "Massholes" more specifically
4.aforementioned definition is usually used by New Jerseyians
5. the state thats fuckin tits, teh stank buddah of all states
6. we got boston kreme donuts bitchez!!
7. home of the biggest waste of money...The Big Dig!!(15 billion and counting)
8. weird bostonian accent
masshole 1:I paaked the kaa in the yaad
masshole 2:I cut some gay New Jersian off on the Mass Pike
masshole 3:i had to detour cuz the big dig was still being a waste of money yo
masshole 4:yeah well i cut some guy off while talking on my cell phone and eating a boston kreme donut
steve:im from Massachusettes
by Patrick from Atown November 26, 2006
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Full of Massholes
Rhode Island is better, and so are their drivers
Girl- Hey, where are you from?
Masshole- Oh, I just moved here from Massachusettes
by An Awesome Rhode Islander October 18, 2011
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One of those sissy, liberal Democrat, New England states, err, Commonwealth that do nothing but tax, tax, tax up the wazoo; and accept gay marriage and basically anything else that doesn't represent mainstream American values; the people talk with a funny accent, and have a ridiculous cost of living. The commonwealth's alleged "enlightened" and educated population think they are so smart, but aren't so much so because they are so stupid that they keep voting for the same liberal Democrat, career politicians that continue to screw them like Edward Kennedy and John Kerry.

About 6.4 million people (14th in population) live in this bastion of radical liberalsim and socailist hell. Boston is the capital and largest city.
I will NEVER live in Massachusettes because I can't stand their values, the people, or the way they vote.
by February 13, 2008
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