Noun. A mart is a friend.
English slang deriving from the english term "mate". Usualy used by teenagers and chavs of all ages.
Lottie- Hey up Mart!

Jess- Hello my best mart!
by .Lottie. September 1, 2008
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1.(noun) A shop with a gas station in front of it run by Red dot Indians, Muslims, Asians, and Mexicans. Usually remains open all 24 hours of the day. Often has catchy names like 7-11, Extramile, Jiffy Mart, and such.

After shopping there or paying for your gas the attendant says,"Tank you calm al gain," while raising his hand lifting his index and middle finder.
Kid 1,"Where'd you get that pack of swishers?"
Kid 2,"I posted up the mart near the factory and shoulder tapped this bum, told him he could keep the change."
by Shop lifter February 26, 2009
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When someone burps and the stench is so foal and trash smelling that it could easily have been a fart.
Group of people in a car traveling home from dinner...

Guy 1 - "burp"
Guy 2 - My God! Who farted?
Guy 1 - Sorry dude, I marted.
by BD Brakefield October 17, 2014
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n. A particularly pungent and aromatic belch. A mouth fart.

v. To emit a gaseous stench from one's mouth, as from a fart.
Braaappp!! Man, that mart stunk.
by Sherman Garibaldi March 5, 2007
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an adjective used to describe a person's state of being when they have consumed an excessive amount of alcohol or drugs. A person who is feeling high, rowdy and/or "gone" may be symptomatic of being marted.

*marted derives from the french word marteau, meaning "hammer"
Mandem 1: "Bruhhh, I've only had 3 shots tonight but I'm feeling so smashed I can't even describe how gone I am!"

Mandem 2: "Fam, I think you're more than gone and more than smashed, I think you're marted!!"
by ratchetrachell August 20, 2017
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One of the pretty girls in her friendgroup. Most marte's are norwegian. She likes food.
P1: hey, who's that pretty girl over there?
P2: It's Marte!
by Helovesmebuthedoesnt December 24, 2016
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jeeeesus marte's amazing. she's super easy to talk to and i trust her :). shes so freaking oretty and smart and im jealous hahah. shes also really sporty which is cool ig. all the teachers love her and shes rlly good to have in class bc she brights up the room and stuff. idk, i like marte (as a friend) and i dont want her to leaveeeeee 😢😢
by its me guess February 26, 2020
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