the ultimate conclusion to fellatio is to hmmm... to swallow the ejaculate would be the correct terminology...
johnny: last night was great... the first thing she did when i walked thru the door was go down on me!! i am one lucky bastard...

rod: awesome... did she keep the change?
by rocko... November 24, 2007
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Term for a person swallowing cum while performing oral sex on a man.
Guy 1: Brenda blew me last night.
Guy 2: Did she keep the change?
Guy 1: Of couse! She always swallows!
by B TOWN BALLER December 20, 2007
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a term that can be used in the place of bump that, screw that, who cares, or other related terms. to properly execute a "keep the change," one must witness something that requires such a statement, then imitate someone jerking off and extend your hand forward opening your fingers as if you ejaculated. this hand motion must be done along with saying the words "keep the change."

the hand motion is demonstrated in Superbad following the shootout between Slater and Michaels. Michaels performs the correct hand motion, but does not say "keep the change." it is acceptable to forgo saying the actual words, but it works much better if spoken along with the hand gesture.
"The new york giants won the superbowl?!?!?! keep the change."

"No Country for Old Men sucked, the Coen Brothers can keep the change."
by MilkMan9 April 6, 2008
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Giving someone a hummer and swallowing the "deposit"
All the guys liked her because she was known for keeping the change.
by punan May 28, 2004
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The action of swallowing a man's ejaculatory fluids intentionally, as opposed to the "change slipper".
When she moaned as she ate my pre-cum I was convinced that she would keep the change!
by milfhunter37 March 28, 2003
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I shot my load in her mouth and found out she keeps the change.
by LargePete March 28, 2003
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When you impregnate a girl, do not stay around to be a father figure and do not pay for child support.
Dude, I think my condom broke when I was having sex with Molly Last night.
Do you think she's pregnant?
I don't know, but if she is I'm going to let her keep the change.
by dunlopallstar May 10, 2011
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