2 definitions by Slammer 6929

When a married man wanks quickly and forcefully to avoid being caught by the wife. But afterwards it feels like he tried to rip his cock off.
I did a quick Married Mans Mongrel Maul this morning, but I regret it cos the ol' twig is pretty tender now.
by Slammer 6929 July 7, 2011
When a woman puts items of food into her pussy and or arse to suprise her partner. Along the lines of opening your lunchbox at work to see what the wife packed you to eat. Bonus points for sweet/ nice foods. Minus points for boring/ everyday foods.
Steve was very happy when Shazza packed him a chocolate eclair into "The Tradesmans Lunch Box.", instead of the normal ham sandwiches
by Slammer 6929 July 7, 2011