A relationship where both partners are only dating eachother.
Ted does not go on dates with any other dates with other women while he is dating Mary. Ted is in an exclusive relationship
by JudeB November 24, 2013
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A relationship where both partners are only dating eachother. Putting in commitment. Without letting anyone get in between.
I know I should've done this before, but I'm sorry. It's different without having my other half, mí corazón, my best friend, nemo. I need you in my life and I want you to stay. I want an exclusive relationship with you. I love you William.
by Rmvt101 September 3, 2015
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A relationship status somewhere between open and exclusive, meaning that some aspects are exclusive (e.g. holding hands, kissing, or sex) whereas others - such as meeting new people, flirting, or interacting on dating websites - are not. The exclusive aspects are defined for the particular relationship, with the idea behind a semi-exclusivity being that both people are in a trusting situation where neither feels like their emotional needs are not met.
Matt: If you are not ready for an exclusive relationship, but want more commitment than an open relationship, then why don't we try a semi-exclusive relationship...
Gina: A what!! Semi-exclusive relationship!? That's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard!
Matt: Oh, really?! It's when some things are exclusive, but others aren't - it's a way to be exclusive where it counts without making the other person feel restricted if they feel a need to spend time with other people .... in some semi-exclusive relationships all the bases are exclusive, so people can meet new people for non-physical things that look like dates, but they are just meeting new people to talk - in others people can meet others and kiss but certain bases like sex are off limits. It just depends on what is exclusive. If that's something you prefer to a fully open or completely closed relationship, then we need to talk about what's important to each of us in maintaining our freedoms and be honest about the things we each need to be open about and those we want to be exclusive about.
by umotu June 25, 2014
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